This is weishaodaren_ / θ΅΅ε˜‰δΌŸπŸ‘ˆ

Look at that day, look at the wall, look at the Begonia. Today is still Monday.

He was used to the noise of the rain, and two months later, it became a new silence.

Mediocrity will dry your heart until there is no trace of water, and then glory will stir your heart's deepest string.

He longed for solitude, and his resentment of the whole world gnawed at his heart.

We tend to travel in this ancient journey of life, running in the rough, Nirvana in frustration, sadness all over the body, pain floating on the ground. We are tired, but we can't stop; we suffer, but we can't avoid it.

Do whatever you want to be stupid, and I'll say what I want to say.

The first person in the family is tied to a tree, and the last one is being eaten by ants.

Give birth to more cows. Life is short!

The endless pain of the dead looking at him in the rain, the deep attachment to the living, and the burning look of looking for water to wet the reed grass in his home, always came to his mind, which made him suffer.

He vaguely knew that the secret of a happy old age is nothing else, but a decent agreement with loneliness.

It is because at the beginning of the future to do too much, so the present self is particularly disappointed. In the life once had all splendid, after all needs to use the loneliness to repay.

The end of the world will come on the day when people only care about themselves and take the first-class carriages to load books in the freight cars.

Don't miss the opportunity. Life is shorter than you think.

Sometimes they will sit quietly until evening, face to face, gaze at each other, and love each other in silence, which is no less than love in madness.

In fact, what he cared about was not death but life, so when he heard the death sentence, he had no fear but nostalgia.

Don't beg anyone. Don't kowtow in front of others. You just think that someone else shot me.

We fought for so long, just to make the walls not blue but as white as pigeons.

In less than a hundred years, no one should know what it means.

A lot of people's pain can't be said, and many people's actions are helpless.

Even if you're not afraid of God, you're afraid of metal.

Many people choose to succumb to the charm of virtual reality and place their feelings in self fantasy, which is more comforting even if it is impractical.

What really matters in life is not what happened to you, but what you remember and how.

As always, we should be firm and loyal. How we fought for victory, now we will fight for defeat.

Her life was lost in the embroidered shroud. It is said that she embroidered during the day and disassembled at night. She didn't want to break her loneliness in this way. Instead, she wanted to stay lonely in this way.

It doesn't matter. The most important thing is not to get lost.

He did not have to say it was for love and sadness, she guessed that it was the oldest human tears.

No matter where you are, you should remember that memories have no way back. Spring is always gone forever. The most crazy and persistent love is also the past.

The lie became more and more sincere, and finally even she got comfort from it.

Where there is poverty, there is love.

On an August afternoon, amaranda, after completely rejecting this determined suitor, could no longer bear the pressure of her stubborn temperament. She locked herself in her room and cried bitterly for her lonely fate to death.

The earth is round, like an orange.

All the splendor in life must be paid back by loneliness.

You don't belong to this place as long as there are no dead people buried in the ground.

I have come to realize that profundity does not mean being close to the truth.

Don't give birth, cows. Life is short.

She matures little by little in sleep without nightmares, in endless baths, in untimely meals, in deep and long silence without memories.

I am just a craftsman who has no memory. The only dream left is to be forgotten.

In this moist, silent paradise that existed long before sin, the expeditionary men were overwhelmed by the oldest memories.

The past is false, memories are no way back, all the past spring is irrecoverable, even the most frenzied and tough love is just a fleeting reality!

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